Posturology: it's all about postural control

J.B.Baron (ophtalmologist, 1929-2011) was in 1952 the first who discussed a connection between human sight and posture, and thus a posturologist 'avant la lettre'. Posturology, in other words, is the integral knowledge of the human posture and posture influencing (body) systems, known as well as unknown yet.

It lasted till 1976 when a French neurologist, René Jaques Bourdiol, introduced his so-called proprioceptive therapy (in)soles.Their effect is based on the experience that very subtle stimuli, applied at the glabrous skin of a loaded human foot sole, gives a disproportionate neuromuscular chain reaction of that foot and up. Triggering the foot sole of a standing person has an immediate effect on his postural balance: measurable, predictable and repeatable. From 1978 Bourdiol then started to share his conclusions and to teach his theory to physicians, physical therapists and podo-orthesistes.

This was the beginning of a new, neuromodular postural treatment, known as podopostural therapy. Although today's therapists speak of 'proprioceptive' therapy soles, I prefer to call them exteroceptive. This will be discussed later.

In 1991 I presented my 3-D Quadrant Theory, which enables other posture philosophies to fit in and vice versa. This will be discussed on a next page.

I have practised and studied this therapy from 1980. Research and experience made me write a number of articles and books, most in Dutch. From 2007 till June 2011 I have been chairman of the Dutch professional organisation of podopostural therapists. In that period I initiated scientific research to become a core activity.

Why this site? Just 'google' the word 'posturology' and note the number of hits. Posturology is more known abroad then in the Netherlands. With this site I'll try to get

  • posturology more known as a logic vision 
  • posturology understood within cybernetic thinking
  • posturology considered as an international topic.

I welcome any critical response and/or question: peteroomens(at)xs4all(dot)nl

Peter W.B.Oomens, Research on Posturology.

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Visit the page ‘professional information’. Apart from a general page 'abstracts' you’ll find two specialized pages of information regarding the intrinsic foot muscles and the neurophysiology of the glabrous foot sole. Both extremely important in posturology!